Creating Projects

We develop:

  • architectural concepts
  • building projects
  • detailed designs of buildings
  • projects of revitalization of monuments
  • renovation projects - restoration of monuments
  • projects for securing monuments

Including designing objects in areas that are difficult from the point of view of existing local conditions, i.e .:

  • in strict conservation zones, in other conservation zones
  • in archaeological protection zones
  • in the areas of landscape parks, protected landscape areas and national parks
  • in areas with high density of stagnant underground and overhead technical infrastructure

Desinging modern architecture

Architecture Design is Architect's answer dedicated to the Investor; fully realizing the investor's needs in the area of:

  • use of new buildings
  • a visual view of the external architecture and the interior of the building
  • how the building interacts with the near and distant surroundings.

When designing buildings, we pay special attention to: the functionality of the building and its ergonomics, safety of use, thermal and acoustic protection as well as pro-ecological and pro-health solutions, and at the same time the very important visual aesthetics of the building.

Desinging in monuments

Monuments being a testimony to past times, history of the place, cultural and social changes and changing styles in architecture, present unique and often advanced solutions of technical and architectural ideas and are strongly characterized by artistic expression through the presence of: sculpture, painting, stained glass art, artistic blacksmithing and woodcarving.

The best proof of the validity of the old architecture is the constant need to revitalize and renovate monuments that meet the current expectations of the investor in the field of the facility's functions, while maintaining the character and climate of the old architecture.

We approach each project task individually and with full commitment, taking into account the investor's constant satisfaction.

architect Karolina Maria Żurek